Successful Defense: Emily Cameron

Med-i CREATE student Emily Cameron has successfully completed her MASc! Her research focus is on orthopedic biomechanics and finite element analysis of patient-specific models. Congratulations Emily! Emily Cameron (second from right) defended her thesis on June 12, 2024

Med-i CREATE Students Excel in Annual Table-Top Challenge, Showcasing Leadership and Teamwork

Students from Queen's and Western University in the Med-i CREATE program recently engaged in a three-week annual table-top challenge. This event offers an invaluable opportunity for students to apply their expertise to address real-world issues in the field of medical informatics. Beyond testing their technical competenticies, the challenge fosters the development of crucial skills such as leadership and teamwork. This...

Med-i CREATE students receive the Biomedical Informatics Excellence Award

Three Med-i CREATE students, Vivian Nguyen, Hemangini Patel and Jianming Yang have been awarded the Biomedical Informatics Excellence Award for consistently maintaining strong academic performance and demonstrating outstanding productivity in their Biomedical Informatics research projects. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition! Hemangini Patel with her supervisor Dr. Amber Simpson Vivian Nguyen and Jianming Yang
Med-i CREATE Students Present Research to Visiting Scholar

Med-i CREATE Students Present Research to Visiting Scholar

Med-i CREATE students had the opportunity to present their research work to Dr. Molly Shoichet, Annual Dr. Andrew and Margaret Bruce Visiting Scholar. Dr. Shoichet is currently a University Professor and Michael E. Charles Chair in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto, where her research is focused on drug and cell delivery strategies in the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord, retina) and...


Integration, federation, and retrieval of large-scale data repositories in Canada

We collaborate with the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) and the Ontario Health Data Platform (OHDP) to tackle novel challenges in data management and devise evaluation frameworks that center on security, performance and fairness.

Next generation of actionable prescriptive analysis using multi-resolution, multi-modality data

We build computation models of disease from multi-omics data using machine learning, deep learning and evolutionary algorithms, focusing on innovations that address the unique nature of health data and the unavailability and vagueness of gold-standard labels (e.g., pathology labels).

Democratization of AI, software and data for healthcare

We're international leaders in developing and disseminating open source software using low-cost point-of-care imaging. Our positive impact on the global computer–assisted medical interventions community has is constantly expanding. We'll meet new challenges for discovery, refinement of methods and innovative AI-powered solutions using large open source data, hence democratizing access to care and positive outcomes of AI.