Randy Ellis
FIEEE, FASME, Queen’s Research Chair, Prof. Computing/Mech Eng/Surgery/DBMS
Aaron Fenster
Order of Ontario, CRC I, FIEEE, FRSC, FCCPM, FSPIE, Prof. Med Imaging/Biomed Eng, Western
Gabor Fichtinger
CRC I, FIEEE, FMICCAI, Prof. Computing/ECE/Pathology/Surgery, Queen’s
Ting Hu
Assistant Prof. Computing, Queen’s
Sarah Mattonen
Baines Research Chair, Asst Prof. Biomed Eng/Oncology, Western
David R. Pichora, MD
Pres/CEO, KHSC, Prof. Surgery/Mech Eng. Queen’s
John Rudan, MD
Britton Smith Chair, Director of Clinical Research at SPECTRUM (HMRC)
Amber Simpson
CRC II, Assoc. Prof. Biomed & Molecular Sci/Computing, Queen’s
Yuan Tian
Asst Prof. Computing, Queen’s
Boris Zevin, MD
SEAMO Medical Education Scholar, Asst Prof. Surgery, Queen’s