PhD Student
Department of Medicine
Queen's University

Dilakshan Srikanthan is a 2nd year MD/PhD student in the Translational Medicine Graduate Program. Previously he has completed his Masters and Bachelors of Science at the University of Toronto. Dilakshan completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto Scarborough where he double majored in Neuroscience and Psychology. In his Masters he was supervised by Drs. James Rutka and Cynthia Hawkins, where he investigated immunotherapeutic treatment approaches to diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas utilizing molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics. In his PhD, Dilakshan is using the intelligent knife (iKnife), which is a tool based in mass spectrometry in order distinguish radiation necrosis from recurrent glioblastoma at the point of care aided by deep learning. Dilakshan is the recipient of the Translational Medicine Graduate Award, Queen’s Graduate Award, the Susan Philip Scholarship, and the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship in Science and Technology.