Ingenuity Labs Invited Lecture Presents: Dr. Mohsen Omrani

Using novel natural language processing algorithms for advanced mental health evaluation and evidenced-based decision making

December 15, 2021
Mitchell Hall Room 395

A major challenge in addressing mental health problems is the absence of rigorous and objective characterization of symptoms, based on which evidence based decision making algorithms could be developed. Speech is the main medium of diagnosis and intervention in today’s psychiatry and we believe the advent of new natural language processing (NLP) algorithms can help with developing such objective measurements which could be used in evidence-based decision making processes. In this presentation, I will discuss:

  • Role of NLP algorithms in objective symptom evaluation, triage and diagnosis of mental health problems
  • How textual data analysis could provide clues to the outcome of care in individual patients and form individualized care plans
  • How textual analysis and text generation can help increase the capacity and quality of mental healthcare