Winners of TableTop Challenge 2023

Med-i CREATE students took part in a 2-week long tabletop challenge where they actively participated in a team-based project aimed at exploring a system’s capacity to autonomously handle surgical tools and workflow tasks. They were given the chance to either enhance existing techniques or devise new methods for achieving this objective. The result of the tabletop challenge is below:

1st position: Group 3

Members: Alexandra Robins, Chris Yeung, Dilakshan Srikanthan, Joeana Cambranis Romero
Mentor: Tamas Ungi

2nd Position: Group 4

Members: Aden, Edward Wang, Kaitlyn Kobayashi, Mohamed Harmanani, Rachel Theriault

Mentor: Rebecca Hisey

3rd Position: Group 2

Members: David Morton, Emily Cameron, Hanad Elmi, Ramtin Mojtahedi, Suruthy Sivanathan

Mentor: Fahimeh Fooladgar