Med-i CREATE Students Led a Thought-Provoking Debate at ImNO Symposium

The 22nd ImNO Symposium took place in Mississauga from March 19-20, 2024. At the heart of the symposium was a dynamic debate led by students from the Med-i CREATE program, in collaboration with the students from CREATE program in Responsible AI at Toronto Metropolitan University. The debate tackled the theme, “Recent developments in AI present exciting opportunities for improving the quality of, and access to health care, but it is not without peril. Will AI narrow or exacerbate gaps in access to healthcare and Global Health Equity?” Through rigorous discourse and insightful exchanges, participants delved into the multifaceted implications of AI in healthcare delivery worldwide. The debate highlighted the potential of AI to revolutionize healthcare accessibility and quality while also shedding light on the risks of widening disparities in healthcare access.

In the picture above, Med-i CREATE students Tyler Elliott (second from left), Laura Connolly (third from left), Ramtin Mojtahedi (third from right) and Dumitru Cernelev (far right) took part in the debate.